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Topperz@Work focuses on adding value to our students. Over 97% of our students achieve high A* in IGCSE and more than 85% of our students score 7 or 6 in IB. ...

At Topperz@Work we follow traditional and modern teaching techniques to create fun learning environment whereby students are motivated to unlock their full potential and perform well.

Topperz@Work firmly believes in active, discussion-based learning. This facilitates the sharing of thoughts and ideas, which improves the critical thinking of our students.


Best Faculties

Topperz@Work strives to provide best learning environment and facilities. Classes are scheduled exclusive to the schools to align with school learnings ...

  • Air-conditioned class rooms with a study lounge (including beverage facilities) where they can have group studies, self-studies, or solve doubts.
  • Maximum class size of 8 to 10
  • Well trained, highly qualified and fully dedicated teachers, available for support anytime.
  • Custom made worksheets for every subject, every topic.
  • Worksheets & Question Papers based on marks weightage and Board issued sample papers.
  • Notes and handouts for self-reference
  • Mini Library which includes some of the best and most comprehensive guidebooks for all subjects.
  • Make up classes


Best Facilities

At Topperz@Work, Our teachers are fully committed and passionate about teaching. Our teachers highly experienced in tutoring and possess a great wealth of knowledge & curriculam. ...

They are subject matter experts.With every teacher possessing a minimum of 7 years of experience with Topperz@Work.

At Topperz@Work, our teachers understand that every student is unique and have varying abilities. They can relate and empathize with the students and will devote their utmost time and attention to ensure that our students thrive and excel.



Educational Research and Practice across the Globe has proven that the Ideal Teacher to Student Ratio is 1: 10.

Topperz@Work strictly adheres to this Ratio, so that focus can be given to the needs of Individual Students, based on their Strengths and Weaknesses in each subject.

We have found that Average and Below Average Students are not able to score higher marks, especially in Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes, as they are weak in Fundamental concepts.

Our emphasis on Tailor made coaching, helps students to improve their basic concepts and then go on to achieve higher marks.

Teachers evaluate each prospective student on their strengths & weaknesses, in each Subject and Topic. Based on the assessment, the Teacher prepares a plan to achieve academic excellence, as per the following steps :

  • Understand the current position of the student
  • Set AcademicGoals
  • Prepare Individual Plan
  • Take Action
  • Monitor Plan and Communicate Progress
  • Achieve Goal

At Topperz@Work, we believe that only Full Time Teachers can Focus on the needs and demands of Individual Students.

Apart from the time teachers actually conduct classes and tests, they are given ample time to focus on the individual needs of students and to monitor and communicate their progress to parents and students themselves.

Teachers at Topperz@Work, are trained to treat each student as a potential Topper, irrespective of their past Academic Performance and provide all academic and Psychological support, each and every student.

At Topperz@Work, we believe that with a proper Study plan, every student can achieve excellent academic results and there should also be time given for sport and recreational activity, which will result in all round development of each student. Teachers at Topperz@Work, encourage students to achieve excellence, in Academics as well as other extra curricular activity like Sports, Music etc.

At Topperz@Work, all class rooms are Air Conditioned, for the comfort of the Students, and Teachers.

We also believe that learning & growth can best take place in a loving atmosphere of firmness, without rigidity.

Teachers are trained to be friendly with all students, irrespective of past academic performance, and provide a conducive atmosphere, for Studying.

A Mini Library, with abundant reference material, is available to students, who wish to go beyond readily available and Tailor made study material.

Students are encouraged to come for group study and doubt clearing sessions, even when they do not have classes.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>At Topperz@work, teaching methodology is oriented towards individual students, based on their strengths and weaknesses, nurturing a respect for the light in every person. We have found that this approach inspires a lifelong love for learning, promotes self worth, and helps in achieving academic excellence.</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>While we follow Curricula like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE,IB, State Board, Matric etc, we prepare our own Teaching Material, from various sources depending on the need of each student, to improve knowledge of Fundamental Concepts in each subject, as well as their Academic Performance. We are against a totally examination oriented approach, and strongly believe that each student should have a thorough knowledge of the subject, which will help them, in their Higher Studies, like Engineering and Medicine, or any other field of study.</p>

We at Topperz@Work, believe that Students should be evaluated on a continuous basis, on not based on Year end Examinations alone. Our Innovative Teaching and Evaluation Methodologies, provide for not only coverage of all Topics as per each Subject’s syllabus, but also weekly and monthly tests, to monitor the incremental progress of the student in each Topic and Subject.

The Evaluation and Assessment, of each student, in each subject is communicated to Parents and Students, on a regular basis, so that Individual Student’s progress level is known, and tactical changes can be made, for Improvement and Remediation, based on the overall Academic Goals, and plan for the student.

At Topperz@Work, we believe each and every student, has the potential, to be a Topper in Academic results, as well as in life, provided they are taught each subject thoroughly, including the Fundamental Concepts, in an environment conducive, and comfortable to study, while also inspiring a competitive spirit.

Using the ideal Teacher-Student Ratio, providing a nurturing learning environment, and innovative Teaching methodologies, Topperz@work, has been helping students who were branded as “Average” or “Below Average”, in achieving excellent academic results, and get admitted into prestigious higher learning institutions, across the world. While improving in their Academics, they also achieve a High Level of Self Worth, which improves their confidence, to face the Real World.

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