• Ever since I joined Topperz@Work I have improved in all my subjects by the support from all the teachers. The teachers here are very caring and explains everything in detail and helps us to understand the topics

    Gayathri CBSE X-i

    GIIS East Coast Branch, Singapore

  • Topperz@work has been a big help to me. I have applied for all 3 Sciences and Mathematics, and my performance has improved in test due to the coaching facilities provided by Topperz. I sincerely thank Topperz for helping me to improve my performance. The teachers are very caring and looks after the needs of each student.

    Shivam IGCSE IX

    NPS International, Singapore

  • Topperz@work is a very good place to improve one�s standard and meet the competing world.

    Ananth - CBSE XI

    Yuvabarathi International School, Singapore

  • I find the IIT physics classes very informative and helpful. Not only does it help me in my school exams but it also gives me a deeper understanding of the topic and gives extra information. The mock test sums are challenging and help me learn how to tackle a wide variety of questions. All in all I find the classes to be very interesting

    Mathew Issac - CBSE IX

    GIIS East Coat, Singapore

  • Topperz@work has helped me a lot ever since I joined them. Previously, I used to get confused with my school work as I misunderstood concepts and applied them wrongly. However, the teachers at Topperz@work soon cleared my doubts with their unique teaching methods and dedication. Now, all my doubts are cleared and I am able to understand the concepts more clearly and score better in my test.

    Ruben Singam - Secondary 2 Student

    ACS Independent, Singapore

  • Joining Topperz@work has benefited me a lot. The tutors are very helpful and have guided me throughout the each session. My grades have started to improve and I am gaining confidence in each subject.

    Archita Gattani , IGCSE IX,

    NPS International, Singapore

  • Before I joined Topperz@work, I used to get average marks in my exams. But after joining Topperz@work, I was able to reach to the top 5 in my class. Topperz@work helped me alot in achieving my goals.

    Ajay Mittur, CBSE VIII

    GIIS Queenstown, Singapore

  • Topperz@work helps me to grasp difficult chapters and gives me a sense of direction. It also gives me practice

    Mukund, IGCSE X

    Queenstown, Singapore

  • Topperz@work is nice and it has improved me in all subjects

    Sammer Mohanty, IGCSE IX

    DPS International, Singapore

  • Topperz@work has really helped me to improve in my studies quickly. It has also given me more confidence. Topperz gives us extensive practice which helps us to prepare for our exams.

    Srashti, IGCSE IX

    NPS International, Singapore

  • Topperz has been extremely helpful in my studies. After joining Topperz my grades have gradually improved and I have excelled in my studies. The teachers are always ready to clear my doubts and support us greatly.

    Dev Chawla, IGCSE IX

    GIIS East Coast, Singapore

  • After joining Topperz, I have seen significant improvement in my grades. Topperz offers an intuitive atmosphere and the teachers are always ready to help. I�m glad I joined Topperz.

    Sanjeev, CBSE XI

    Yuvabarathi, Singapore

  • Topperz helps me a lot. I have been getting awesome marks because of it. My grades have improved alot. The teachers are very helpful.

    Prachi IGCSE IX

    GIIS Queenstown Singapore

  • Before joining Topperz@work, I used to be an average student. However, after joining Topperz, I realised that even minute details regarding different subjects were discussed and analyzed here, in Topperz by the tutors. This has helped me and benefited me alot as I am now able to score above the average marks. Thank you Topperz

    Meghna Hebbar IGCSE IX

    GIIS Queenstown Singapore

  • At Topperz@work, I get ample practice to hone my skills at logical subjects. Now my concepts are more clear and I understand the subject better.

    Aayushi Hemmad - IGCSE X

    GIIS Queenstown Singapore

  • Ever Since i have joined Topperz@work, I have been more confident in my studies and the practice given helps me understand every topic better than before and I have improved in Physics and Maths.

    Anushka IGCSE IX

    GIIS East Coast Singapore

  • The IIT Foundation course provided at Topperz@Work is really useful helpful. It helped in my school studies as well as let me explore beyond the boundaries of the school curriculum. The teachers are also very friendly and helpful

    Swapneel CBSE IX

    GIIS East Coast Singapore

  • Ever since I joined Topperz@work, I started to gain confidence in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects.I took the teachers help to clear my doubts and they always helped me. Thank you Topperz@work

    Siddarth IGCSE VIII

    DPS International Singapore

  • Topperz@Work is pretty good, it helped me score higher in Maths and i went from a 3/6 to a 5/6 in a couple of months which is good.

    Keanu IB IX

    Overseas Family School Singapore

  • Topperz helped me a lot for my IGCSE Final. It improved my grades, motivated me to work hard. Teachers, environment is good, safe and friendly

    Siddarth Gupta IB Yr 1

    Overseas Family School Singapore

  • Topperz@ Work, Singapore is a good experience. It has helped improve in my weak subjects such as Maths and Physics,crash course students

    Samrat ICSE X

    The Doon School Dehradun, India

  • It has been three months since I joined Topperz. It is like a school repeated twice! Really helpful and I definitely found improvement in me

    Kunal IGCSE IX NPS


  • Topperz is an educational tuition centre. Before I went to Topperz, I used to get average marks. After going to Topperz, I am starting to get good marks.

    Amogh Subramanian IGCSE VIII GIIS East Coast


  • After being in Topperzatwork for a while, I can confidently say that the clarity of the concepts has profoundly improved. At Topperz, the mentors are very approachable and are willing to go the extra mile to make the concepts crystal clear to us. I cannot say that it has reached its peak but I am assured that it is not far from reach

    Sruthi Pillai, IGCSE VIII -DPS


  • The tutors here are extremely helpful and friendly, they make sure to clear all our doubts.

    Sanjay VK, IGCSE IX - GIIS Queenstown


  • Topperzatwork an excellent academy for learning has helped me a lot in improving my grades and has taught me on how to concentrate on my studies and work hard to get better grades. The teachers are very cooperative and helpful. Regular tests, homework and reports from Topperzatwork help us to keep on track

    Ishaan Marwah

    IB Yr 1 - OFS Singapore

  • Topperz@Work has enabled me to reach my full potential, as the teachers make sure that you are able to comprehend a topic to its full extent before moving on to a new one. Topperz also provides me with a mock test right before my common assessments or exams, which helps relieve my burden and makes sure that I am well prepared for my tests in order to score a high grade. Topperz also provided me with extra classes prior to my exams so that I could clear my doubts with my respective teachers.

    Nakul Ranjan

    IB- Year 1, OFS

  • Immersifying experience, and allows us to focus on our weak point, the worksheets help improve my understanding in maths

    Anirudd - IGCSE IX, OFS,


  • 'Having joined Topperz@work Tuition centre two months ago, I experience an immense change in apprehending mathematical calculations and concepts."

    Sthuthi ICSE IX DPS International


  • 'Topperz@work together with its great teachers provide that significant extra help that every student needs to excel in their work. It's homely atmosphere adds to the effectiveness of all the hard work put in by the students and teachers together'-

    Charu Chandra IB Year 2 GIIS,

    Queenstown, Singapore

  • Very personalized tutoring tailored to the individual students...which in turn ensures results as the sessions address problem areas specific to the child. I am also very pleased with the flexibility and helpfulness demonstrated by Mary in helping reschedule / schedule classes to suit my daughter's dynamic schedule. Last but not the least, my daughter has risen from an above average Math student to an excellent student after joining Topperz and has been moved up to Accelerated Math stream in recognition of this improved performance. Thank you to all the tutors and staff at Topperz

    Parent of Lavanya OFS IGCSE IX student


  • Topperz has really helped me with my learning and my understanding of my science subjects especially. The teachers are extremely friendly and approachable and they explain the topics very clearly. They are extremely dedicated in their teaching and they put in a lot of effort to prepare worksheets and questions for the students. When I first joined Topperz, I was not familiar with the teachers and didn't dare to ask them a lot of questions. However, when I realized how friendly and approachable they were, whenever I didn't understand a topic even the slightest bit, I wouldn't hesitate to ask. Thanks to Topperz@work, I realized how easy learning science could be, and my marks improved tremendously. Topperz@work is really a great place to learn!

    Divya Secondary 3 student

    Victoria Junior College

  • Maths@ Topperz has been an excellent experience. There is a good focus on building foundation skills and in smart techniques. This build a passion for the subject

    Parent of Canadian International School student.

    Taking IIT coaching for Maths

  • In just under 2 months at Topperz, the tutors here have provided me with a holistic education and have given me a wide range of questions which allowed clear understanding of the particular topic.


    ACS-Independent, Singapore - IB YEAR 1

  • Topperz really helped me through my 8th grade, and now I'm improving a lot. The teachers explain to me really well.


    DPS, Singapore - IGCSE VIII

  • The study environment is enthusiastic, increasing our initiative to study, with the help of our wonderful teachers.


    GIIS Queenstown, Singapore - IGCSE X

  • Topperz has always pushed me to do my best; they helped me by increasing the level of difficulty of the questions.

    Arjun deorukhkar

    Canadian International School, Singapore - IB X

  • Topperz has helped me achieve good grades through hardwork and revision, the teachers are all motivated, encouraging and fun to learn from.


    Australian International School, Singapore - IB IX

  • Topperz is very beneficial, before joining I would only get average marks but now I get 'A stars'. The tutors are very helpful and I enjoy studying here


    DPS, Singapore - IGCSE VIII

  • I have been at Topperz for the past three years, and it has been a constant support for me while I tackled my IGCSE. The teaching style of the tutors, the general environment, and the constant practice of questions all have contributed to me successfully conquering my finals. It is indeed an ideal learning centre and I have no regrets regarding my time at Topperz!


    DPS, Singapore - IGCSE X

  • Topperz has been very helpful. I didnt expect this much improvement from myself


    GIIS Queenstown, Singapore - CBSE XI

  • Experience in Topperz was very nice. The worksheets are very helpful in our exams. Teacher were very innovative and creative and also informative. Difficult methods were thought easily by simple steps. Thank you


    GIIS Queenstown, Singapore - CBSE VI

  • It was a nice time being in Topperz. I could clear my doubts. The worksheets helped me. The teachers are patient and they help us


    GIIS Queenstown, Singapore - CBSE VI

  • Topperz main goal has always been to make students gain 100% explanation for all subject taught.



  • Topperz@work is a great tuition centre where the teachers assist and push the students to unlock their potential and motivate them to reach their goals